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Social Forestry Programme

Activities of Jana Kalyan Welfare Society

Project name

Social Forestry

Funded by

ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) – Corporate Social Responsibility – Social Development Initiatives

Project Started on

April 2008

Present Status


Project Working Area

  • 10 Mandals in East Godavari District
  • 5 Mandals in West Godavari District
  • 10 Mandals in Visakhapatnam District


The Plantation programme is an alternative means of livelihood for the rural community. The project will promote the Eucalyptus & Casuarina Plantation under the Social Forestry Programme in West, East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts for the development of small and marginal tribal and weaker section farmers through sangha concept.


To create awareness among the Tribal & Weaker section communities towards promotion, benefits, of Eucalyptus & Casuarina Plantation. To provided alternative employment opportunities, good market linkages with the paper industry for the pulp wood growers for marketing their produce. To free the farmers from the bondages of the middle men and to sell their produce at a reasonable price directly to the paper mills.


We undertake participatory work for promoting the pulp wood plantation. Implementing community based approach through sangha concept. Document and disseminate lessons learned and best practices for the ITC Social Development Projects.

Benefits to the farmers

  • The poor marginal tribal farmers will be self sustained. The fast growing trees help in rapid carbon sequestration. Creation of new jobs for the tribal farmers. Provision of farm extension services towards land development, plantation of saplings and marketing management.
  • The bumper yields will help in securing high profits to the farmers. The whole programme is aimed to develop both the farmer and the village. The marginal tribal & weaker section farmers will be self sustained through livelihood component of the programme.
  • Linkages with Government line departments like ITDA, Horticultural and Agricultural departments will be developed through the programme.
  • Collective action, Leadership and communication skills will be developed through capacity building trainings which ultimately benefits the tribal farmers.



  • Survey of Villages
  • SHG Capacity Building
  • Training/exposure visit for farmers
  • Training to committee leaders
  • Training/exposure visit to NGO Staff
  • Livelihood promotion for SHG groups
  • Events for farmers
  • Awareness thru literature
  • Display publicity boards
  • Promotion of Eucalyptus & Casuarina Clonal Plantation
  • Casuarina Seedling Plantation
  • Visits by ITC/MSK/SF team

Target Group

Small & Marginal Tribal & Weaker section farmers


  • Since inception of the Social Forestry project, we have been implementing various capacity building sessions for the development of small & marginal tribal and weaker section communities towards promoting of the pulp wood plantation.
  • During 2008-09, in Buttaigudem mandal, West Godavari district, 391 farmers planted 982.5 acres of Eucalyptus clonals.
  • During 2009-10, in West & East Godavari districts, 561 farmers planted 1014.03 acres of Eucalyptus clonals.
  • During 2010-11, in West & East Godavari districts, 595 farmers planted 1134.70 acres of Eucalyptus Clonals.
  •   In Narsipatnam division, Viskha district, during 2009-11, under the ITC/MSK-SF programme, we provided loan amount for 8500 acres  Casuarina seedling plantation to 2800 farmers worth of Rs.1,27,00,000/-

Bank Details

Janakalyan Welfare Society registered under section 6 (1) (a) of the Foreign contribution Regulation Act 1976 with Registration No. dated.010170089, dated: 9-06-92.The authorized Bank is Syndicate Bank,S.B.A/C No. T.Nagar,Rajahmundry-1 to receive foreign donations only.