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Activities of Jana Kalyan Welfare Society

         East Godavari District has a dubious distinction of having a large number of red-light areas like Peddapuram, Amalapuram, Thatipaka and Anthervedhi. There are also a number of High Way Brothels as the National Highway No.5 is passing though our district. During our interventions we have identified 916 FSWS at Amalapurram and surrounding areas. The target areas of PSH -JKWS, Amalapuram division are in and around 90 km of PSH project office Amalapuram. This target area consists of 8 mandals, 19 hotspots and 916 PSH. Most of the Target areas are adjacent to the Street Based which is high accessible to sex work. These target areas are not only soliciting point and accessible to street based sex workers but also for the people in slums and villages of adjacent were attracted by the work at target areas.

Project Goal :

         They Halt and Reverse the epidemic in Amalapuram division in among the 940 sex workers by 2012

Project Objectivities:

  1. To enhance the Knowledge of the Sex workers on HIV and Sexual health
  2. Fisher folk villages of Katrenikona Mandal.
  3. To enhance condom usage among the sex workers
  4. To Create enabling environment among the sex workers in the project Areas

Activities of the programme:

  1. Community out reaching
  2. Referral and linkages
  3. Condom promotion
  4. STI case management
  5. Community Mobalization
  6. Community Capacity building and Formation of CBO’s
  7. Creating an Enabling environment
  8. Advocacy and lobbying

Achievements of the programme:

  1. Totally 940 FSW are coverage the programme
  2. 5,76 000 free Condoms are Distributed to provide Knowledge on the protective use of condom
  3. Reduce the Risk behavior and best practices of Safe sex 916 FSW referred to STI clinics
  4. Conducted 19,200 one to one session for 916 FSW’s
  5. Conducted 312 one to one sessions for the 916 PSH
  6. Enhance Collective behavior 15 peer educators to increased involvement in project Activities
  7. Referred 850 female Sex workers to VCTC/ICTC and STI clinics
  8. Established 10 new out slets for the condom promotion and totally 19 out lets are available for the Hot spots.
  9. Referred 25 positive PSH to Care and support Centers
  10. 1 CBO formed with 900 FSWs.
  11. The CBO dealt 19 advocacy issues.
  12. 25 Ration Cards were issued to members of the CBO
  13. 25 HIV infected sex-workers received Antyodya cards.

Bank Details

Janakalyan Welfare Society is registered under 6(1) foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 1976 with registration No.010170089, dated 9-06-1992. The Authorized Bank is Axis Bank, T.Nagar with S.B.A.C.No:911010043349041,Rajahmundry-1 to receive foreign donations exclusively.